Izel was born in 1951 in Istanbul.  His editorial cartoons has been published under the title of "The End of the Tunnel"  (Tünelin Ucu) in the weekly newspaper Şalom since 1991. He became member of the Cartoonists Association (Turkey) in 1992.  His comics on the game of bridge were regularly published in various bridge magazines in France, in the USA and in the UK from 1996 to 2000.  In 1999, he pioneered the establishment of the Schneidertempel Arts Center, of which he is still the director.  He is also the president of the Dr. Markus Culture and Art Association in Istanbul. He became a member of the "Cartooning for Peace" foundation, headquartered in France, in 2006.  He wrote editorial articles for Güldiken Humor Culture Magazine between 2004-2006.  In 2006, he became the second president of the Federation of Cartoonists Associations FECO, and he held this position until 2009.  He is a member of the Nezih Danyal-Cartoon Foundation, headquartered in Ankara, and France-Cartoons, the francophone cartoonists association headquartered in France. Some of his articles and cartoons are featured in Web-Mag, the publication of France-Cartoons. Some of his stories were translated into French and German. He opened 15 personal cartoon exhibitions, participated in many collective exhibitions.  In 2019, he opened an installation exhibition in Istanbul, consisting of his travel notes & photographies. Since 2019, he has been preparing and presenting a weekly radio broadcast called "Cartoons of the Week" on the Açık Radyo 95.0 FM channel.

Books (in Turkish)
  • Yol Boyunca... (Remzi Kitabevi / Istanbul, 2000)
  • F Mizah Yazıları (Okuyan Us / Istanbul, 2002)
  • B Mizah Yazıları (Okuyan Us / Istanbul, 2003)
  • Dikkat! Buda (Okuyan Us / Istanbul, 2004)
  • Moda Sevgilim (Heyamola, Istanbul, 2010)
  • Moda Sevgilim “Yeniden” (Kırmızı Kedi / Istanbul, 2016)
  • Seyir Hali (Kırmızı Kedi / Istanbul, 2017)
  • Gezginin Gözü Gezginin Defteri (Dr. Markus KSD / Istanbul, 2019)
  • Ergenlik Sivilceleri (Kırmızı Kedi / Istanbul, 2022)
Cartoon Albums
  • 1991 (Gözlem / İstanbul, 1991)
  • Herşeye Rağmen (Gözlem / Istanbul, 1993)
  • Peki ama Neden? (Gözlem / Istanbul, 1996)
  • Non Comics (own publication / Istanbul, April 1999)
  • The Joy of Bridge (Bridgeplus / Edited by Elena Jeronimidis / Reading-UK, 2000)
  • Ne Olacak Bu Dünyanın Hali? (Gözlem / İstanbul, 2001)
  • Non Politix (limited own edition / Istanbul, October 2006)
  • Akvaryum (Gözlem / Istanbul, 2008)
  • Karikatör (Gözlem / Istanbul, 2016)